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Fayaka Airways African Destinations



Goma, DRC Congo

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Kinshasa, DRC Congo

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Lubumbasi, Congo

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Kisangani, Congo

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Entebbe, Uganda

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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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Nairobi, Kenya

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Juba, South, Sudan

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Fayaka Airways is the leading carrier in Africa, serving more than 8 destinations withing Africa and across the continent. Fayaka Airways core business is the provision of passanger airline and cargo transport services together with related services. The airline commenced operations with the aim of increasing the prosperity of Congo by facilitating the transportaion of business men, investors, Government officials and indigenes from one point to another and till date, it the pride of Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania airline industry. Fayaka Airways (FA) routes includes,; Goma, Kinshasa, Lubumbasi, Kisangani, Entebbe, Daressallam and Nairobi. This has contributed to economic growth of the host countries by connecting their main economic hubs. The airline operates modern equipment and facilities to provide high standard of service. Our customers mean everything to us. We like to think of ourselves as a customer service company that happens to fly airplanes. From booking your trip to the moment you deplane, it is our mission to make your travel experience a great one.
At Fayaka Airways, we are committed to a strategy of collaboprative growth in order to gain the scale we require to be competitive in the global air transport market and beyond our organic growth. This is being achieved through development of a strong base of codeshare partnerships, minority investment in strategically important airlines which combined provide, provides access to hundreds of of destinations we do not serve with our own aircrafs. Our codeshare offers our clients a wider network of destinations at greater convinience. As a Fayaka client, you still keep our flight number but for a segment of your journey you will fly on one of our partners.
We understand that our reputation isjudged on how we act. This is why our core values emphasize the importance of doing business with integrity and taking reponsibility to do what is right and ethical at all times. We are central to how we interract with our clients and suppliers. To ensure our continued compliance with ourBusiness Code of Conduct, Fayaka Airways is designed to allow our clients, employees, members of public and other stakeholders, to raise concerns and report potential breaches of our values.
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Pago Pago - Wallis
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Pago Pago - Tahiti
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Pago Pago - Samoa
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Pago Pago - Fiji
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Los Angeles
Pago Pago - Los Angeles
Daily Flights from Pago Pago to Los Angeles

To be an airline uniquely renowned for its personal touch, warmth and efficiency 
To provide air travel and transport service that rank among the best in terms of safety, comfort and punctuality
 Responsibility - Ready to take all responsibility for our actions. 

Commitment - We commit and assume responsibility to achieve our strategic goals.

Innovations - We are hungry for new approaches to aviation training and modern methods and aids.

Teamwork - We work together with respect and openness.

Overall, I really enjoyed Fayaka Airways Flight. Receive my compliments as I plan to fly again soon. 
David C.



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I forgot my cell phone at Goma office.  Fayaka Airways provided excellent customer service to provide my cell phone which I received at Entebbe airport same day
Thank You Fayaka Airways.
Alice Kisia
Entebbe, Uganda