Baggage Information

Free baggage rules on Fayaka Airways

The permitted free baggage allowance is determined by the service class booked and the status of the passenger and is shown on the ticket/Passenger Receipt.

On all fayaka-operated flights the following basic rules apply to free baggage:

The maximum dimensions per item of baggage are 158 cm (width + height + depth).

Items of baggage that are larger or heavier than the permitted dimensions and weight or that are additional to the free baggage allowance will be carried as excess baggage for a flat fee. Items that weigh more than 25 kg will be transported by air freight for a charge. 

Information on the carrying of hand luggage

Ski or snowboarding equipment as free baggage

In addition to your free baggage allowance, you may take one piece of ski or snowboarding equipment free of charge on your fayaka flight*. The maximum weight of an additional piece of ski or snowboarding equipment must be within the weight limits of the travel class you have booked.

Please register your ski baggage without fail no later than 23 hours before departure with the fayaka Service Centre. This is only necessary so that fayaka can ensure that your ski baggage is carried.

Extended free baggage rules for:

Status customers

A higher free baggage allowance applies to Frequent Travellers, Senators, HON Circle Members and Star Alliance Gold members.

Further information for status customers

Passengers with sports baggage 

Sports bags can be checked in free of charge as part of your permitted free baggage allowance.

Further information for passengers with sports baggage

Passengers with children 

Children under two years of age generally have a free baggage allowance of one bag up to 20 kg. Children aged two and over enjoy the same free baggage allowance as adults.

Certain routes 

Specific free baggage allowances apply to Economy Class passengers on certain routes. New: Economy Class passengers flying.

Exceptions for Economy Class

This rule states that on flights which are operated by several airlines, the baggage regulations of the airline that operates the geographically longest or most significant stretch of the journey apply.

Hand luggage on Fayaka Airways

The number of permitted items of hand luggage* is determined by the service class booked

Dimensions for hand luggage: 55 x 40 x 23 cm; for foldable garment bags: 57 x 54 x 15 cm.

Fayaka will transport larger items of hand luggage in the hold as part of your free baggage allowance. If the permitted free baggage allowance is exceed in terms of number, dimensions and/or weight, the flat fee for excess baggage will be charged. Personal documents, medicines, valuables, mobile phones and laptops should be carried in cabin hand luggage.

The following items may only be carried in the cabin and not in the cargo hold: fuel cell systems and spare fuel cell cartridges, portable oxygen concentrators, safety matches and lighters as well as spare batteries (lithium metal, lithium ion).

Heavy hand luggage must be stowed under the seat in front, except on seat rows on which there is an emergency exit.

Also allowed in the cabin: another item of hand luggage (max. 30 x 40 x 10 cm, e.g. handbag, laptop bag), one baby carrier per child or a child’s car seat or a foldable pushchair/buggy (may have to be transported in the cargo hold) and wheelchairs/orthopaedic aids (e.g. walking aids).

The following may not be taken into the cabin: weapons, potential weapons, imitation/replica weapons, pointed, sharp or blunt items (e.g. scissors, pocket knives, baseball bats) and all other dangerous goods.

On flights within the DRC and on connecting flights from the DRC (as well as DR Congo domestic flights) consistent rules apply to the carrying of liquids in hand luggage.

Information about liquids in hand luggage

* = Differing regulations: on flights operated by a fayaka cooperation partner, the rules of the partner in question apply. On almost all flights with Fayaka Regional, passengers can keep their hand luggage with them until they board and get it back immediately they disembark at the airport steps. In a few exceptional cases, passengers in First and Business Class must check in their second item of hand luggage: on flights with LH Regional or if country-specific variations arise (e.g. in Italy or the USA).


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