Safety & Health Information

Fayaka Airways is committed to submitting its customer needs in an environmentally sound and sustainable way in line with the existing relevant national and international regulatory framework, Environmental Standards and other relevant requirements or commitments.


This policy shall apply to all activities carried out by or on behalf of Fayaka Airways and its subsidiaries across all the diverse geographical locations in which we operate.

To achieve this, we commit to: 

  • Comply with all legal and other requirements relevant to our operations.
  • Continuously assess and determine our environmental impacts and prevent pollution where possible through prevention, reduction, re-use or control.
  • Set objectives and targets that relate to our environment performance and continually improve our environment management practices.
  • Implement environmental programs to reduce our environmental impacts and monitor and measure their effectiveness.
  • Provide training and sufficient resources to ensure good environmental management practices are achieved and sustained.
  • Communicate our environmental activities and performance to all employees and other stakeholders.

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